Children's Literature

I am passionate about children’s books – particularly picturebooks – in fact I am often called the picturebook woman!

Picturebooks are a wonderful blend of images and words and I read them, collect them and use them in my reader response work with children and in my academic research, which is almost always a blend of theory and practice and which focuses on how picturebooks can be used with children, older readers and adults.

I share picturebooks with friends - many social gatherings have had a picturebook reading slotted in, then, because it isn’t enough to just read picturebooks you have to talk about them as well … so we do!

You will find a range of book titles to consider, read and talk about in the text sets of picturebooks section, plus some ideas for finding and accessing some of the latest book awards for children’s literature to include the current children’s laureate and some professional bodies focussing on children’s literature. Finally you can look at the work of some young author/illustrators as they respond, through bookmaking, to the picturebooks they read.