Talking Beyond the Page: Reading and Responding to Picturebooks

Talking Beyond the Page: Reading and Responding to Picturebooks shows how different kinds of picturebooks can be used with children of all ages and highlights the positive educational gains to be made from reading, sharing, talking and writing about picturebooks.

With contributions from some of the world's leading experts, chapters in this book consider how:

  • children think about and respond to visual images and other aspects of picturebooks
  • children’s responses can be qualitatively improved by encouraging them to think and talk about picturebooks before, during and after reading them
  • the non-text features of picturebooks, when  considered in their own right, can help readers to make more sense out of the book
  • different kinds of picturebooks, such as wordless, postmodern, multimodal and graphic novels, are structured
  • children can respond creatively to picturebooks as art forms
  • picturebooks can help children deal with complex issues in their lives

Talking Beyond the Page : Reading and Responding to Picturebooks also includes an exclusive interview with Anthony Browne who shares thoughts about his work as an author illustrator.

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